A secluded B&B, an exotically beautiful woman, breakfast—and bloodshed. Just the start of another typical day for famous author Barron Docksteder!

On a snowy, wintry day, Barron Docksteder’s protégé uncovers a manuscript Docksteder was working on shortly before his untimely death. Clearly at least partly autobiographical, the manuscript tells the story of a world-famous author—whose books have been turned into Hollywood blockbusters—caught in a deadly crossfire between competing Las Vegas and East Coast gambling interests.  Meanwhile, that same world-famous author is ensnared by the irresistible allure of a beautiful, mysterious, and equally deadly woman who is determined to outmaneuver them all.

The central character of the story sounds a lot like, well, Docksteder himself before he was murdered.  Could the manuscript be more proof that Barron Docksteder lived a life worth writing about?

Available in print or kindle here on Amazon and other book sites. Coming soon in audio.

Available locally at The Book Shelf in Tryon, NC.

Download the Prologue Now

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World renowned author Barron Docksteder knows you need three things to write a good book: a good place to work, good whiskey and good sex. Find out what he and his magnificent beast discover in the small town of Tryon, NC.

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