A good place to work, good whiskey, and good sex. According to famous author Barron Docksteder, that’s what you need to be a good writer—at least that’s what he tells his young protégé. It’s 1995. Docksteder has just moved to the Carolina foothills, where he regularly orders elaborate breakfasts at a nearby café. There, he befriends the young café owner, who is a frustrated writer. Before long, Docksteder is sharing his bombastic wisdom about how to live a life worth writing about. Excited by the prospect of receiving private lessons from a famous author, the young café owner gladly accepts the position of protégé. However, he’s not entirely sure what that entails. As he enters a world of guns, heavy drinking, and robust sexual appetites, a part of him wonders if he should have just stuck to running a café. But once the Docksteder tales begin, there’s no turning back. Available in print or audio here on Amazon and Audible other book sites. Available locally at The Book Shelf in Tryon, NC.

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World renowned author Barron Docksteder knows you need three things to write a good book: a good place to work, good whiskey and good sex. Find out what he and his magnificent beast discover in the small town of Tryon, NC.

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