Mountain Laurel Lethal

A secluded B&B, an exotically beautiful woman, breakfast—and bloodshed. Just the start of another typical day for famous author Barron Docksteder! On a snowy, wintry day, Barron Docksteder’s protégé uncovers a manuscript Docksteder was working on shortly before...

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New Orleans

…She seduces him with every color, flavor, and ritual of Carnival. And he asks himself, “How can she not be loved?” It is the late 1990s, and world-famous author Barron Docksteder has been murdered in the small rural town of Tryon, NC. His protégé knows the police are...

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The Carolinas

A good place to work, good whiskey, and good sex. According to famous author Barron Docksteder, that’s what you need to be a good writer—at least that’s what he tells his young protégé.

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World renowned author Barron Docksteder knows you need three things to write a good book: a good place to work, good whiskey and good sex. Find out what he and his magnificent beast discover in the small town of Tryon, NC.

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